The Great Lakes Group


“Our Business is a Source of Pride to Me”

Coordination and communications throughout our management team, with our customers,  and our employees is essential, especially when the Company’s operations  are spread over eight (8) Great Lakes States and Canada, and our customers are, in fact, world-wide.  Making matters more complicated are the myriad of governmental and corporate regulations requiring Board resolutions, minutes and documentation.

Carolyn Oros has held the position of Executive Assistant to the Chairman and the President of The Great Lakes Towing Company for more than 35 years. She also is the Group’s Corporate Secretary and as such is a Corporate Officer. Over the years she has masterly and diplomatically coordinated almost every aspect of the Company’s business, including the social and ceremonial aspects. As importantly, she is a font of corporate knowledge and knows where all the bodies are buried – she is the “go-to” person, said Ron Rasmus, the Company’s Chairman. Those same feelings were shared by Joe Starck, the Company’s President; by George Sogor, Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer; and Gregg Thauvette, VP Operations; all members of the executive  management team.

She was hired in 1979 by Shelly Guren, the Group’s Chairman, who saw in her great potential. At first, extraordinarily adept in shorthand and typing skills, then an ability to adapt to the use of a “telex machine” to communicate with the world, and then the Company’s old-fashioned “switchboard.”  She embraced every advance in office technology allowing her to take on more responsibilities such as customer relations and office management, stating that “it is critical that we quickly respond to our customers’ needs.”

“I take a great source of pride in the diversity of our business, and I am particularly proud to work for a Company that truly cares about its people. The tone of our Company comes from the top – each employee is appreciated and many employees have worked for the Company for decades.”

While she laughs that “every day is different,” it is clear that Carolyn enjoys being a part of a team of professionals who truly care about the maritime industry and the customers they serve every day.