The Great Lakes Group

Caribbean Breakbulk

The Great Lakes Group is excited to offer breakbulk shipping to the Caribbean through our operating company known as Great Lakes East, LLC. Great Lakes East, LLC strives to provide premier maritime transportation services designed to optimize efficiency, reliability, and regulatory compliance for the needs of the Caribbean. This breakbulk service will be anchored by our flagship vessel, the warehouse barge Crimson Clover.

The Crimson Clover is U.S. flagged and compliant with the Jones Act. The Crimson Clover stands as a paragon of adherence to U.S. maritime laws, ensuring seamless operations within legal & safety frameworks. Positioned strategically between the Port of Fernandina, FL and San Juan, PR, our operations facilitate uninterrupted transit for a spectrum of cargo, ranging from paper and lumber to steel and rolling equipment in a sheltered environment.

With a specialized focus on breakbulk handling, our services cater to the unique demands of these diverse cargo types, promising flexibility and efficacy in logistics management. We are poised to redefine standards in maritime transportation by delivering value-driven solutions.