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The Great Lakes Towing Company Welcomes the Beginning of the 2024 Shipping Season

All hands on deck, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new marine shipping season on our majestic Great Lakes. At The Great Lakes Towing Company, we’re gearing up for an exciting journey ahead.

The Great Lakes, with their vast expanse and unparalleled beauty, have long been the lifeblood of transportation and commerce. As tugboat operators, we take immense pride in navigating these historic waters, connecting communities, and facilitating trade year after year. With each new season comes a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement. It’s a time when the lakes come alive with the hustle and bustle of maritime activity, as cargo ships, freighters, and vessels of all shapes and sizes set sail on their voyages. And this year, 2024 promises to be no different.

As we prepare our fleet and crew for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead, we’re also filled with optimism for what the season will bring. From the bustling metropolis of Chicago to the scenic ore-filled shores of Duluth, and from the many flowing harbors of Ohio to the windy gales of Sturgeon Bay, our tugboats will be at the heart of it, ensuring safe passage for ships, crew, and cargo alike.

For 125 years and counting, we have been proud to be part of the tradition of maritime excellence and camaraderie, and it’s not just about business for us. It’s about working together with our partners and colleagues to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, protecting our waters, shores, and our future. And above all, it’s about embracing the spirit of adventure that defines life on these Great Lakes.

So, as the first rays of spring sunshine dance upon the water and the sound of seagulls and geese returning home fills the air, join us in raising a toast to the start of a new shipping season. Together, let’s embark on a journey filled with excitement, discovery, and endless possibilities.

Fair winds and following seas,

Zach Dolph

Shipyard Controller

The Great Lakes Towing Company