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The Great Lakes Towing Company’s Tugboats Play Pivotal Role in Swift Resolution of Vessel Grounding on Detroit River

November 28, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio In a recent maritime incident near Belle Isle on the Detroit River, The Great Lakes Towing Company’s tugboats played a crucial role in the successful freeing of the grounded commercial vessel, BARBRO G.

The incident began when the pilot aboard the stranded BARBRO G reached out to the Towing Company’s 24-hour Operations Center, requesting immediate assistance.  Responding promptly, the Towing Company dispatched two tugboats to the scene to aid in freeing the vessel.

As the situation evolved, collaboration became key.  Over the course of two days, The Great Lakes Towing Company worked closely with various stakeholders, including the vessel’s agents, the United States Coast Guard (USCG), salvors, and the insurance company representing the vessel’s owners.  This collaborative effort led to the decision to dispatch a third tugboat to the site, ensuring a comprehensive and effective response.

Once given the green light by the USCG, The Great Lakes Towing Company’s three tugboats swiftly went to work, employing their expertise to successfully free the grounded vessel in less than two hours. The coordinated efforts of all parties involved showcased the efficiency and professionalism of The Great Lakes Towing Company in managing complex maritime challenges.

Lindsay Dew, Director of Operations & Compliance at the Towing Company, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts, stating, “Our team’s quick response and seamless coordination with the various entities involved underscore our commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.  We are proud to have played a pivotal role in resolving this incident promptly and effectively.”

This successful operation serves as a testament to The Great Lakes Towing Company’s dedication to maritime safety and its ability to provide swift and reliable solutions in challenging situations.

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