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The core of The Great Lakes Group is its people, both afloat and ashore. Our people, working as a team, are trained and skilled in the business of marine transportation, shipbuilding, fabrication, and repair. The success of our Group depends on the ability and willingness of our people to provide our customers with the most courteous and professional services with particular attention to quality, safety, and the environment. Our goal is to attract and retain the best people available. Some of our employees have worked for the Group for even three or four generations.

Our commitment is reflected in our excellent compensation and benefits package that includes healthcare, dental, vision, short-term and long term disability insurance, employee assistance program, 401(k) profit sharing plan, vacation time, sick time, company paid holidays and a friendly working environment.

To be part of our team means to be part of our family and its 120+ year corporate history and to be willing to look and work for a better future.

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Candidates must be able to pass a background check, chemical testing, and E-Verify authorization. If you meet the minimum work environment and essential requirements for each job and are looking for a company to make your home, complete the appropriate application and submit to the human resources department by one of the methods below.

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    Wanda Reddy, Human Resources Manager
    Phone:  216-367-8139
    Fax:  216-621-7616

    Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, & M/F/D/V

    The Company is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO); Affirmative Action (AA); and minority, female, disability, and veteran-friendly employer (M/F/D/V).  Our commitment to equality of opportunity supports the continued growth and vitality of our Company.  We believe that the diversity of our workforce is advantageous to us and provides us with a broad spectrum of ideas which enhance our efficiency, production, products and services. By actively encouraging diversity and affirmative action, we believe that we also contribute to our community.

    The Department of Defense – Fraud, Waste or Abuse

    What to Report to the DoD Hotline:

    Issues related to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement regarding programs and personnel under the purview of the U.S. Department of Defense that DO NOT involve reprisals or classified information. Examples of these types of violations include:

    • Threats to homeland security
    • Health and safety issues
    • Trafficking in persons
    • Improper military mental health evaluations
    • Leaks of classified information
    • Bribery and acceptance of gratuities
    • Counterfeit or substandard parts
    • Whistleblower Reprisals
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Contract and procurement fraud
    • Computer crimes
    • Health care fraud
    • Travel or purchase card fraud
    • Cost/labor mischarging

    How to Report to the DoD Hotline:

    Online Fraud, Waste or Abuse Complaint Form

    Other Submittal Methods:

    If you need help submitting a complaint, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or call the DoD Hotline at 1-800-424-9098 for assistance.


    The Department of Defense – Whistleblower Program

    What is a Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint?

    Reprisal happens when a management official takes (or, under certain statutes, threatens to take) an unfavorable personnel action against an individual, or withholds (or, under certain statutes, threatens to withhold) a favorable personnel action, because that individual made or was thought to have made a protected communication or disclosure. A complaint of reprisal must meet three certain conditions:

    • Was there a protected communication or disclosure?
    • Did the responsible management official have knowledge of the protected communication/disclosure OR did the responsible management official(s) believe a specific individual made a protected communication/disclosure, even if they did not?
    • Was an unfavorable action taken (or, under some statutes, threatened), or was a positive action withheld (or, under some statutes, threatened to be withheld)?

    Read more about the requirements of these conditions.

    How to Report to the DoD Hotline:

    Whether an unfavorable action was taken or threatened, or a favorable action withheld or threatened to be withheld, is fact-dependent and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Have documentation for each personnel action available to submit, if available.  You are encouraged to read the applicable definitions and filing requirements specific to your employee status for more details. For help with filing your specific complaint, refer to the following guides created to assist you.  Click on the appropriate link below to download the guide for your particular status:

    If your circumstances meet all basic conditions, your complaint may meet the criteria for investigation. If you wish to proceed with a reprisal complaint, select the button below.

    Online Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint Form


    If your circumstances do not meet all THREE conditions, then your complaint may be more appropriately addressed as a Hotline complaint; please select the button below.

    Other Submittal Methods:

    If you need help submitting a complaint, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or call the DoD Hotline at 1-800-424-9098 for assistance.