The Great Lakes Group


“Time is money. After an incident happens, it’s too late. You should have had a tug.”

As the second generation in his family to work on a tug, Tug Captain George LaTour knows what attracts people to work on the water is interest, but what keeps them is hard work and passion.

“In this job there is never a dull moment. What makes it worthwhile is the camaraderie you feel for your crew and the way you are able to really help salties and lakers when they need you most. We are there to help ships go in and out of port safely and go about their business without incident. Tugs are the key to making sure, when things don’t go the way our customers expect they will, we can turn things around.”

In his 40th season working for The Great Lakes Towing Company, LaTour continues to bring his experience to bear on behalf of those coming into and going out of the Port of Duluth. “Experience comes from learning the ships over time” – that’s The Great Lakes Towing Company Difference.”

When asked why he loves working in maritime, LaTour is quick to answer: “It’s exciting to see the way our industry is changing, to be a part of it. Seeing the way that the salties, lakers and our tugs are being modernized is exciting – it keeps me interested. I’m continually learning more – we all are – that’s what makes my job exciting.”

As a seasoned Tug Captain, LaTour looks back on the last 40 seasons with fondness. When asked if he would do it all over again he says, “Yeah, I think I would. The people that I work for at The Towing Company, those that I work with and the other Tug Captains have become good friends – family. It’s been fun.”

Utilizing a Full-Service Lakes-Wide Towing Contract with The Towing Company provides added insurance. It’s an added level of safety and seamanship to protect your crew, equipment, and the environment; wherever your vessel may call on the Great Lakes.