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Great Lakes Shipyard Attends Roundtable Discussion on Ohio Clean Energy & Manufacturing with Ohio Senators & Representatives

Joe Starck, President and Robert Zadkovich, Vice President, Business Development of The Great Lakes Towing Company attended a roundtable discussion on Ohio Clean Energy and Manufacturing with Senator John Eklund, Ohio Senate District 18 and Senator Larry Obhof, Ohio Senate District 22. The roundtable was organized by John Colm, President, WIRE-Net and hosted at Talon Products Inc. (Steve Peplin, Chief Executive Officer).

Support for Clean Energy

Ohio manufacturers and the Governor’s office, believe that reinstating Ohio’s clean energy and energy efficiency standards is good for Ohio manufacturers and Ohioans. Innovations in solar, wind, efficiency and storage technology will continue to drive down the costs of these technologies. However, the opportunity is to improve  standards and increase Ohio’s competitive edge with other states across the country with smarter policies.

Early in the Supply Chain

As a partner with LEEDCO in the development of the offshore wind turbine industry here in the Great Lakes region, The Great Lakes Towing Company and Great Lakes Shipyard will continue to support clean energy sources. The Company has identified and is pursuing multiple opportunities in offshore wind turbine construction, assembly and logistics as well as maintenance and repair. These strategic initiatives will allow The Company to enter the wind energy supply chain early to establish a leadership position in this growing industry and help pave the way for more economic development across the Great Lakes region.