The Great Lakes Group

Marine Travelift

Great Lakes Shipyard’s new 900-ton (or 820 metric tons) Marine Travelift was manufactured by the world renowned Marine Travelift, Inc. of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. So well known is the manufacturer’s brand name that any mobile vessel hoist, no matter the manufacturer, is, by common usage in the industry, referred to as a “Travelift.” Our 900-ton Travelift is the largest on the Great Lakes in the United States and Canada.

The Travelift allows simultaneous new construction and/or repair of multiple boats and barges to permit the expansion of the Shipyard’s vessel repair and marina service capabilities. The Hoist has set the stage for participation in intermodal logistics support on the “Marine Highways.”

The Travelift can accommodate the simultaneous repair and construction of 10 or more vessels including US Coast Guard, US Geological Survey, and other government vessels, tugs, barges, ferries, workboats, dinner boats, yachts, and an entire array of “truckable” barges and platforms of every sort. It allows for rapid emergency response for repairs and timely return to service and also permits longer term projects to remain “drydocked” on land. The Travelift continues to add a new dimension to the capabilities of the Shipyard.