The Great Lakes Group

Truckable workboats & barges

Great Lakes Shipyard has found a niche in the barge-building market, specializing in the fabrication of small truckable workboats and barge units that can be coupled together to expand to any desired size. We expanded our operations to the construction of “truckable” over-the-road sized interlocking barges and platform units which permit expandability. The units are ideal for inland lakes and remote locations and are marketed commercially and for U.S. and overseas governments. The” truckable” units can be of simple design or quite complex ranging from passenger – truck ferries to rail pontoons and crane and spud barges

The truckable barges are generally used for marine construction projects and marina platforms. These units are typically 40′L x 10′W x 4′H and weigh about 20,000 pounds. They are normally fabricated of heavily reinforced ¼” steel plate. Two units can be loaded onto one flatbed truck and can be delivered almost anywhere. Once the units reach their destination, they are placed in the water and pinned together to form a platform large enough to support whatever load is required – loading equipment; cranes; bridge construction equipment, etc.

Great Lakes Shipyard also produces both a single-screw and twin-screw truckable work boat with push knees, and collapsible pilothouse.