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“I’ve never considered myself a captain but rather a part of a team”

From deckhand to tug captain, Chris Follmar has worked in the maritime industry for over 28 years, this year marking the 21st year as an employee of The Towing Company. Joining the world of maritime on a whim, Chris says that after his first day on a tug in 1987, he’s “never gotten off of a boat since.”

Currently working in the Port of Burns Harbor, Indiana and Port of South Chicago, Illinois on The Towing Company’s tugs, Chris believes that the best part of the job is two-fold, working in a role that is out-of-the-norm, that not many people can do, and collaborating with the crew to get the job done right. For Chris, teamwork is everything, “without my deckhands and engineers, I couldn’t do my job properly. I’ve never considered myself a captain, but rather a part of a team.”

Captain Chris Follmar

Chris considers The Towing Company a part of his extended family and an organization he is honored to be a part of. “I have been most proud on the job are when I’ve had a captain or pilot say ‘great work, this is why we hired you, because you are the best.’ I am proud to work for The Towing Company.”

To Chris, there is no doubt that The Great Lakes Towing Company is the best in the industry, a trusted resource that not only delivers world-class customer service but 116 years of expertise.

Safety pays, and utilizing a Full-Service Lakes-Wide Towing Contract with the Towing Company provides added insurance. It’s an added level of safety and seamanship to protect your crew, equipment, and the environment; wherever your vessel may call on the Great Lakes.