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Great Lakes Shipyard Awarded Drydocking Contract by McKeil Marine Ltd. for Tug LEONARD M

Cleveland, Ohio. Great Lakes Shipyard was recently awarded a repair contract by McKeil Marine Ltd. to drydocked their 50-MT bollard pull Tug LEONARD M.  The tug was hauled out using the shipyard’s 770-MT Travelift on March 1, 2017. Repairs include general maintenance, as well as classification surveys and inspections. Work is expected to be completed later in the month.

McKeil Marine has been a regular customer of Great Lakes Shipyard. Over the past five (5) years, Great Lakes Shipyard has completed several repair contracts for McKeil, including:

  • Barge HURON SPIRIT – Dockside Repairs (2014)
  • Tug LEONARD M – Drydocking (2014)
  • Tug LEONARD M – Drydocking (2013)
  • Tug JOHN SPENCE – Dockside Repairs (2012)
  • Barge NIAGARA SPIRIT – Dockside Repairs (2012)


Tug LEONARD M and Barge HURON SPIRIT in 2014 at Great Lakes Shipyard

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