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Tugboat of the Year 2013

Tugboat of the Year 2013


Great Lakes Shipyard Jensen Series 92 ASD Tractor Tug is designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc. and made in the U.S.A. by Great Lakes Shipyard. The 92’ X 38’ tugboat is built to perform harbor and offshore services including escort duties as well as ship assist. The U.S. Flagged vessel is Load Lined and classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and includes world-class features:

  • 4,640-HP
  • 65-ton Bollard Pull
  • Double-skin Fuel Tanks
  • ABS Class
  • cross A1, Towing Vessel, Escort Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1, cross AMS


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Art & Science

At Great Lakes Shipyard, design, engineering and construction are vertically integrated to ensure that we deliver top-performing vessels in a timely and cost efficient manner, customized to your specifications. We take the best of both worlds, the art and design of Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc. and the science behind precision engineering, quality craftsmanship and relentless pursuit for perfection. This balance of art and science created the perfect environment for the design and development of the “Tugboat of the Year” – Great Lakes Shipyard Jensen Series 92, a highly maneuverable, durable and high-performance tug.

Engineering Excellence

Our team of engineers is passionate about designing and developing vessels that exceed your expectations. Understanding what your needs and wants are is paramount to us. This is why we meet with you and your team to understand your application and determine what your desired specifications are, so we can build a customized vessel specifically for your service needs.


Features & Specifications

Feature Specifications Notes
Length Molded 92’-0” N/A
Beam Molded 38’-0” N/A
Hull Depth 16’-9” Above Rabbet Line
Maximum. Approx.
Maximum Draft 18′-2-13/16″ Above Baseline and Operational Draft
Air Draft – Mast Up 44′ -9″ N/A
Air Draft – Mast Down 33′ -9″ N/A
Lightship 453.81 Long Tons Exact
Maximum Speed 12.7 Knots
Cruising Speed 10 Knots Estimated
Diesel Fuel Capacity 38,325 Gallons Approx. @ 95% Volume
Water Ballast Capacity 6,340 Gallons Approx. @ 100% Volume
Potable Water storage 2,500 Gallons Approx. @ 100% Volume
Lube Oil Storage 500 Gallons Approx. @ 95% Volume
Hydraulic Oil – Storage 500 Gallons Approx. @ 95% Volume
Waste Oil Capacity 500 Gallons Approx. @ 95% Volume
Sewage Holding Tank 3,100 Gallons Approx. @ 100% Volume
Engines (2) Caterpillar C280-6 CS Rating: 2,320 BHP @ 900 RPM, Tier 2 (4,640 BHP Total)
Z-Drive (2) Rolls Royce, US 205 FP, NiAl-Bronze Prop, 2,300 mm Diameter N/A
Bollard Pull 55 Metric Tons Per Rolls-Royce and ABS verified
Fire Fighting FFV1, 2 x 5,200 GPM Monitors With 1,500 Gallon Foam Storage Capacity
Accommodations 6 Berths in 4 Staterooms N/A
U.S. Regulatory Tonnage 173 Tons N/A
ITC Tonnage 341 Tons N/A

Tugboat of the Year

Thoughtful Design

How did we create the Tugboat of the Year? By building a tractor tug that is as agile and durable as it is powerful and technologically advanced. By benchmarking the world’s best workboats and aiming even higher.

Every feature of the Great Lakes Shipyard Jensen Series 92 ASD Tractor Tug is thoughtfully designed to provide your crew with best-in-class performance and capabilities, with added confidence and maneuverability, to meet any ship assist or escort requirements.


  • Main Engine:
    • Two (2) Caterpillar C280-6 Propulsion Engines
    • 2,320 HP each
    • 900 RPM
    • 6-Cylinder
    • Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Tier II EPA Emissions Certification
  • Propulsion Drives: 
    • Rolls Royce Model US 205
    • FP rated at 2320 HP per unit at 900 RPM
  • Generators:
    • Two (2) CAT C6.6 Gensets
    • One (1) Battery Start
    • One (1) Air Start
    • 150 kW per Generator
    • 480 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz


Fire Fighting

  • Fire Pump:
    • One (1) FFS SFP 250×350 XP Centrifugal Pump
    • FFS XP All-in-One Transmission Unit
    • Driven by/Close-coupled to a Dedicated CAT C-32 Diesel Engine at 1,800 RPM
    • 12,000 GPM at 180 PSI
    • One (1) Foam Proportioner
    • FFS Type IM/PI-100
    • Variable Foam Proportioning from 0.5% to 3%
  • Fire Fighting Monitors: 
    • Two (2) FFV-1 FFS Model FFS-1200/300 LB Monitors
    • 1200 m3/h (5280 gpm) with Foam
    • Throw Distance of 394′
    • Elevation of +80/-20 Degrees
    • Rotation of +/- 180 Degrees
    • 1 x Control Panel for Two Monitors
    • Two (2) Joysticks and Switch for Fog-jet Functions in the Pilothouse
    • Electrical Remote Control


Deck Equipment

  • Hawser Winch:
    • JonRie Dual Bow Winch, Model A220-1030
    • Line Pull: 28,000 pounds @ 150 FPM
    • Line Capacity:  450′ of 7′ Line
    • Brake Capacity: Greater than 350,000 pounds
  • Capstan: 
    • JonRie Aft Capstan Model A421-201
    • Line Pull: 15,000 pounds at 30 FPM
    • Stall Line Pull: 30,000 pounds


Electronics & Navigation

  • Furuno FAR 2117 12 kW 96 NM Radar with 6′-6″ Open Array
  • Furuno 8062 6 kW 72 NM Radar with 4′ Open Array
  • Furuno SC-120 GPS Satellite Compass
  • Two (2) Furuno FM8800S Class A Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) VHF Radios
  • Furuno GP150D GPS Navigator
  • Furuno FA150 AIS
  • Satellite 406 EPIRB
  • Two (2) SART Transponders
  • Furuno FE-700 Echosounder
  • Furuno PB150 Anemometer with RD33 Displays
  • Navgard Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS), per IMO Regulations
  • Closed-circuit Camera System – Monitoring from the Pilot House of the Main Deck and Machinery Spaces
  • KRAL Fuel Consumption Monitoring System
  • Complete, Integrated Alarm and Monitoring System. Monitoring points include: Main Engines, Generators, Fire Fighting Engine, Fire Detection System, Z-Drives, etc. Touchscreen Displays in Pilot House, Captains Quarters, and Machinery Space
  • PC and Monitor in the Pilot House Featuring Third-party Software including a Chart Plotter Navigation
  • Sperry Marine NAVPILOT 4000 Autopilot


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